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"Give me a penny-worth of Eau de Cologne and squirt it about my person as we are going to a dance".

John Cannon, Biggar
  ..and from Davie who emigrated tae Balloch in Loch Lomondside
There's the refreshments to purchase (usually heard at football matches)
"Yir daein ma boax in hen" You are trying my patience darling.
"Erztheburds" Look, theres some females
  ..and from Anne, a Glasgow school teacher, now living in exile in England
"geezalenaeapincilmiss?" I regret to inform you, my esteemed mentor, that I find myself bereft of any writing implements
  ..and from Bernard Bryceland
"Yaffayatwhityatyaffa?" A tongue twister which enables a Glaswegian to enquire about a seafarer's maritime conveyance.
  Submitted by - The Duffin Clan, Glaswegians temporarily residing in California.
keep the edgy big man --- keep the look out, I don't wish to be caught in the act.

pure brilliant bytheway -- quite marvelous actually

gies some chuggyrswedgers mate -- could I trouble you for some chewing gum or candy my esteemed chum

gies a bottleaginger -- could I trouble you for a carbonated beverage

whit ji hink i um? -- What do you take me for?

shockaroonee! -- quite shocking to me!

umlikat, "whatya daein big man?" -- so I said, "pardon me my friend. what would you happen to be doing?"

anhewislikat "um gointa the pictures wi ma burd"-- and he replied "I am taking my female friend to the local cinema."

I've been living in exile in Cambridge for the past 6 months, and have found, much to my distress, that no-one understands certain phrases I use: my current favourite (not on your comprehensive web-page) is "This is boggin'!' (I find this object distasteful). Can't think of any others at the moment, as I only revert into dialect when under the influence of intoxicating liquor.... Rhea Flarry
Kumeen fram tha Hylunds where I have not been hearing any hak-sent hat all hat all I have been finding many of tha werds used hin Glass-go ve-rry strange indeed. Now that we hare brocasting to the world on tha radio we are forced to use many dy-a-lects so that the pee-p-all will be undarstandeen us.
Here are some of the ones not as yet shown.

geezasook May I please have a taste of your beverage?
hooyamakinootthenoohen How are you today?
fitzama-erweyoo Is there something wrong/are you feeling ill?
dunnadaeut Please cease and decist. Don't do it.
areyenaeweel then Are you ill of health?
whos hoose izaten Who lives in this house.
Awaydoon-a-wa-are I am going to the river.
Tayansix 2 shillings and sixpence
ahafacroon 2 shillings and sixpence
whaesonen what is happening, what program is being shown
Who'syermaanem My salutations to your family
areyawayen Are you departing.
HeyShuggy I am attempting to attract your attention.
Amnaeaquaint I don't know of what you refer to.
Turnonawirelesshen Please turn on the radio
Dunna start on me Please do not nag.
From some Highland acquaintances (allegedly associated with Radio Scotland)
I offer the following definitions from memory, for possible inclusion in your online "Bible" :

"yer herr's minginhinginanclingin!" - a young maid's adjectival expletive conveying abhorrence in the presence of imperfect male tonsorial hygiene.

"daeyethinkacameuptheClydeinabananaboat?" - I do believe you have taken me for a gullible person.

"twowitheberrheidanwanwithebunnetoan" - a close and, perforce, physical encounter between two adjacent craniums, a la mode "Sauchiehall School of Pugilism".

From Brian Johnson
"whityeauptae"- how are you - what are you do-ing
"naechance" - in answer to a question i.e no way...
"whersrabirds" - any ladies here
"chokinfurra" - in dire need of
"yanutter" - a stupid, impertinant or violent person
Terminology submitted by John Mckay , Law student , South side of Glasgow.
Gonnienodaerat' - 'Please don't do that'.

'Yirfaesisawscrewdup' - Your face is all screwed up.
From Lorna McGougan
The Glasgow Web Site is particularly pleased to provide the following translations which were received from an official of an Australian Government Department. We hope the following information is helpful to all Glaswegians considering visiting friends and relatives "Down Under"

"HelpmaBoab, izoffiwaarmowereer!" : The temperature is constantly 40 degrees celcius here in Darwin.

"Ifyurgonnycumeer, leevyursimmitithame!" : Upon arrival in Darwin, most tourists arrive topless.

"Hawdyerwheesht" - Please be quiet !

"Stoapyerguernin" - Kindly Refrain from Whining

memories of a fond childhood
From Stevie in Germany
"Yoohinkmaheidzipsuprabacknat?" -- I'm not stupid you know! From Stuart Dudgeon (banished to Blackpool!)

I would just like to add a few gems that have been handed down through my family and used often when I was a lad in the Shaws..Of course most people in Calgary would not appreciate the subtle humour.

" This flairs manky ".....I shall be requiring some cleaning implements..

"Diyi think am daft jist cause a slaber a lot ?"...Are you taking advantage of my kindness.

"Keep the heid an I'll buy ye a bunnet"..Please remain calm.

"Yivafacelikeanippysweetie"...You appear to be upset...

Awra Best


From Steve Currie
Calgary, Alberta
"Ahcumfypriesty"....I originate from the small, but quaint area of the city known as Priesthill

"Awnawthejannyscummin"...It would appear that the caretaker is approaching (and I suggest we depart the scene quickly)

"Yerheedsfullamince"...Are you sure as to the validity of that statement, I think you could be mistaken
From Jack McGuigan, Skegness (formerly from Priesthill)

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